The Gentlemen Paradise experience

Gentlemen Paradise invites you to enter its aphrodisiac universe. The most luxurious erotic massage lounge in Quebec, the Gentlemen Paradise stands out for its originality, its exhilarating atmosphere, and its unique decors.

The role of the Gentlemen Paradise is to offer you an exceptionally well maintained environment, managed with professionalism, with an impeccable greeting upon your arrival. There will always be a receptionist on site to welcome you before your session. We genuinely care about your comfort and your satisfaction while you visit us.

The Gentlemen Paradise offers a service of erotic massage, carried out with consent, by its many hostesses, all of whom are 18 years of age or older.

The Lounge

Enter this urban setting and let us give you a taste, which you will long to come back and savour again.

In collaboration with the Gentlemen's Paradise, meet the beauties.

2075. Avenue Branly,
Ste-Foy, Québec G1N 4C7
* FRONT door *
[email protected]

Opening hours

Monday 9h00 - 23h00
Tuesday 9h00 - 23h00
Wednesday 9h00 - 23h00
Thursday 9h00 - 23h00
Friday 9h00 - 23h00
Saturday 9h00 - 23h00
Sunday 9h00 - 23h00


Positions available


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