Are you looking for a well- compensated and discreet occupation? You aspire to work within our team, enjoy flexible schedules, with a very pleasant clientele, all in a jovial atmosphere? The Gentlemen Paradise is always looking to welcome new hostesses. We can answer your questions over the phone, but we prefer by far to invite you to come and visit our establishment. This rendezvous does not engage you to anything, but will give you a sense and a feeling of our dynamic and allow you to meet the proprietor of the Gentlemen Paradise. We will discuss our guidelines, and you will see that our young hostesses are well guided and supervised. Ultimately it will be up to you to determine if our working conditions are right for you. Here are some of our criteria;

1. You have a nice appearance and demonstrate professionalism and a great maturity.
2. You live in Quebec City or in the immediate surroundings.
3. You are reliable and have a great open-mindedness to meet people of all ages, races and genres.
4. You have a good education, have the ability to relax in pleasant company, demonstrate a lot of interpersonal skills and share our business philosophy.
5. You speak French, although knowledge of other languages is a considerable asset.
6. You acknowledge and agree that the consumption of illicit substances before and during work hours is not tolerated.
7. You are honest and have a great respect of all aspects of our regulations and guidelines.
8. At last, you can demonstrate beyond any doubt that you are at least 18 years of age or older (we will require a proof of age at the time of the interview)

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Your application will be treated with confidentiality.
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