Frequently Asked Questions

Gentlemen Paradise answers your questions.

The Gentlemen Paradise is impeccably crafted, where every detail echoes desires. It's an invitation for you to embark on an adventure with the mistresses of seduction. An erotic massage experience where sensuality becomes the guide, leading to moments of purely bodily ecstasy. Escaping becomes second nature.

New prices from June 1, 2024.

Individual massage

30 minutes : 65 $

45 minutes : 70 $ 

60 minutes : 80 $ 

Duo massage (two muses)

30 minutes : 130 $

45 minutes : 140 $ 

60 minutes : 160 $ 

Couples massage

30 minutes : 100 $ 

45 minutes : 110 $

60 minutes : 130 $ 

With the sweet agreement of your muse, it is possible to extend these moments to further enhance your well-being. Taxes are included.

You are invited to enter a room where mystery delicately embraces finesse, revealing amenities imbued with elegance. Your chosen guide will be there, caressing every facet of your body, leading you to nirvana. And in this intimate scene, nudity unfolds as an inevitability.

As you venture together, she whispers in your ear the possibilities that lie ahead. It's in this moment of intimacy that any additional fees are discussed, sealing an agreement full of complicity.

Our haven of sensuality welcomes you from 9am to 11pm, 7 days a week. Any changes to this schedule will be duly notified in advance.

Rest assured, from the moment you enter, discretion is our first dance; souls pass, brushing against each other without ever meeting. We act with thoughtful promptness, minimizing any wait, to preserve the intimacy of your experience. In this place, what awakens remains confidential, hidden in the folds of forgetfulness, like a sweet secret.

Upon your arrival, you are invited to make a symbolic gesture: remove your shoes. This simple act distances you from the external hustle, marking the beginning of your journey with us.

The shower, an essential passage, offers a refreshing sensation, preparing each visitor for the experience to come.

Our space, akin to a carefully tended oasis, is consistently restored to its original brilliance after each session, ensuring not only flawless cleanliness but also peace of mind.

A screening service is offered to all the young ladies working with us..

Like a perpetually moving kaleidoscope, the availability of the young ladies changes and renews itself. To capture the brilliance of the moment, you must contact us.

Although we make every effort to ensure regular updates of information on our website, the complexity of our operations and attention to detail can sometimes result in slight discrepancies. We sincerely appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.

Furthermore, please note that our schedule is crafted every week, and we strive to make it accessible as soon as possible.

Gentlemen Paradise invites you to enter its aphrodisiac universe. The most luxurious erotic massage parlor in Quebec, which stands out for its originality, its intoxicating atmosphere, and its unique decor.


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